History: The term post office began in the 17th century in England, once a private mailing service was permitted by law.

Government Involvement: In some nations like the United States Of America the principal of the post office [called USPS (United States Postal Service)] has a cabinet post in the government.

What is a post office? A post office is an organisation which provides postal services to a customer and is actually normally operate by the authorities. Clients can get various solutions from the post office such as handing in letter, as well as packages for delivery. In the past, post offices additionally directed and sent telegrams. On request, a post office may possibly offer a registered service, wherein the customer can guarantee that their parcel or perhaps document is signed for by the person to whom it was addressed. A Post office offers postage stamps, and various containers like envelopes and containers to contain postal items. Obviously the post office cannot provide the very much quicker and sophisticated service like a courier company such as Aerospeed Couriers.

In some nations, the post office additionally sells revenue stamps as well as handles other taxes such as renewal of automobile permits and other permits. In some nations the post office also take requests for passports as well as other documents. In certain nations, the post office additionally provides financial service.

The post office frequently additionally has facilities that are distinct from the actual post office. A typical example is the reddish colored pillar containers that tend to be utilized for lodging post in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. These principle boxes tend to be depots for the Royal Mail. The most senior officer at a post office is usually called a postmaster and the national head of a post office is normally named the postmaster general.

In The united Kingdom generally there were post riders, whom were mounted couriers that carried the mail along a post route. The post route had submitting stations or posting buildings every 2 hrs along the route at which horses could be replaced for fresh mounts, so that that the letters arrived as quickly as possible once had been sent. Inns frequently doubled as post houses. In contemporary times, once horses and carriages fell from use and were replaced with automobiles, trucks and aircraft the name post house was no longer used.

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