Deutsche Post  is the trade name under which D P AG operates. Under this name it owns and operates the biggest courier service in the world. The headquarters of DP is actually in Bonn, in the previous West Germany.


Employees: The company has virtually half a million employees as well as works in more than two hundred hundred countries around the world.


German Goverment involvement: Although the German government has a minority share-holding in their company the majority of the shares are for available buy on the German stock exchange as well as is in the DAX inventory market listing. The mail unit of Deutsche Post handles 70 million letters yearly. It offers all the usual postal services plus has sale offices, facilities and straight connectivity on 4 continents in more than 200 countries. The post unit of Deutsche Post deals with most of the providers formerly done by the initial state owned company that was privatised in 1995.  Up to 2008, Deutsche Post ended up being the only agent permitted by law to provide letters weighing up to 50 grams in Germany. This particular legal right has therefore now expired.

History: D P began from the former German post authority Deutsche Bundespost. In 2010, the annual revenue produced by D P ended up being more than €56.5 billion worldwide. In 1995 the corporation was privitised. Deutsche Post was provided a dispensation to deliver post in the United Kingdom in 2002. As a result, this particular plan split the Royal Mail’s monopoly, that had been in place for many years. From 2008, the mail unit of Deutsche Post has a number of different businesses. These included post Communication (localized as well as international mail), Press Services (print media circulation), shopping Outlets (post offices) and a number of others.

Today, there are a quantity of firms who are trying to corner the marketplace previously owned exclusively by Deutsche Post. These businesses consists  of:

  • the PIN group which is based in Luxembourg,
  • and TNT Post which is Dutch owned.

Even South African businesses such as Aerospeed Couriers compete with Deutsche Post in the localized and worldwide marketplace.

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