Today, there are various kinds of commercial couriers, that should be differentiated from diplomatic couriers. Often the mode of transport chosen by the courier company is usually determined by the dimensions of the cargo and actual physical location of the collection and delivery points. If the collection or delivery point is in a crowded and crowded city centre then on-foot couriers, bicycles and motorbikes can be used. If, however, the collecting place is in a peaceful residential district area or in a nation place, motor cars, vans and lorries can be utilized. Long distances are usually dealt with by air and terrain, utilizing road or perhaps railway systems. In some cases where the distance is less than 1 1000 kilometres a system is utilized. Here, a truck is driven from the 2 main centres to meet at a protected half point, like a coach facility. On arrival at the central point, the trucks with their cargo of packages, mail and merchandise are swopped as well as driven back through the evening so that the articles on board are available for distribution to their last desired destination over night. Courier companies have discovered that this sort of over night plan to be more economic and reliable than air transport. Some courier companies only transport mail and smaller packages locally, so they might depend mainly on on-foot couriers, bicycles and motorcycles automobiles, whereas for bigger consignments they might use trucks and small lorries. These business couriers arose as clients found postal service was comparatively slow and unreliable. In particular cases where a report must be transported very quickly and securely an onboard courier is used. This courier is actually given the package or perhaps bundle, which is usually transported in the cabin of the aircraft. As soon as the on-board courier arrives at the milestone destination he or she would exit the airport and get a taxi immediately to the shipping destination. Of course, on board couriers are very costly simply because the courier business has to pay somebody to do the carriage and the cost of an airline ticket. Like the major courier providers , Aerospeed Couriers has on occasion delivered urgent documents by an on-board courier.


Most number one courier companies such as Aerospeed Couriers offer a door to door courier service.


  1. The client phones the courier company and requests a collection for door to door courier servicing.
  2. The courier company sends a vehicle to the address at which the cargo is situated and collects it.
  3. It is subsequently returned to the localized company hub. At the hub each delivery is sorted and placed in an area devoted to a specific delivery city, city or nation.
  4. Once sorted, for regular overnight door to door service, the day’s collections remain in the hub until a set cut-off time. By the cut off time a truck takes all the days collections for door to door courier and delivers it to their agent at the town or city airport.
  5. At the airport the overall consignment for every desired destination is packed onto a flight bound for the specific destination.
  6. During the night the consignment for door to door courier arrives at the determined destination air port.
  7. At the destination airport the courier company’s agent hands the consignments over to the vehicle driver of a pick-up that takes the door to door courier consignments towards the courier company’s local hub.
  8. At the local hub the letters, documents and parcels are sorted into address destinations of approximately thirty for each door to door driver.
    The drivers for each delivery run then deliver each consignment to every recipient, usually by ten 30 in the early morning.
  9. Delivery by 10 thirty in the morning hours is the typical average door to door courier service. Nevertheless, a next day door to door courier service is actually usually only possible to principal zones with an airport.

In the instance of door to door courier distribution of international consignments, the same applies, if the delivery street address is close to a main international airport, but delivery is either later in the day or very early the next day. Most door to door courier deliveries to international addresses within cities with a leading air port will be sent door to door inside 48-72 hrs anyplace in the planet. This 48-72 hours door to door courier distribution service is only possible, provided consignments are not really held up in customs, over which the courier business has no control.

If the door to door courier service is destined for a small centre it is then driven to that smaller place that day and is perhaps delivered door to door later on in the day or in the instance of more remote locations, the next day.


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